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Code of Ethics in Government’s Draft Rules to manage Social Media

New Delhi: In the middle of an enormous row with Twitter, which has snubbed an order to dam some accounts, the govt has readied draft rules to manage all social media platforms and news-related websites. the principles revolve around a self-regulatory mechanism which will include a code of ethics and regular compliance reports.

The rules mention a requirement for a chief compliance officer who will respond on a 24×7 basis to any complaint from enforcement agencies and submit regular reports on compliance.

The oversight mechanism is going to be developed by the govt. which can “coordinate adherence to Code of Ethics by publishers and self-regulating bodies”.

A Secretary-rank officer will have the powers to require action just in case of an emergency and place it before committee within 48 hours. The draft proposes to get rid of, or a minimum of heavily reduce, the “Safe harbour” shelter that social media giants sought over carrying controversial content.

The proposed rules park the onus of “due diligence” on “social media intermediaries” who need to warn users about what is allowed. Sites will have 36 hours to get rid of content flagged either by a court or a delegated body.

A bill says while the emerging significance of social media platforms and various sorts of digital media had created the necessity for a legal framework that fosters “freedom with accountability”, it had to be a “light touch framework” to make sure effective compliance with applicable laws.

The new rules emerged on each day Union technology minister Shankar Prasad warned social media sites of tough action if they did not abide by the country’s rules. “You will need to follow the Constitution of India, you’ll need to abide by the laws of India,” the minister said, calling out Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp by name.

"social media intermediaries

Minister Shankar Prasad warned social media sites of tough action.

“You have many followers in India, you’re liberal to do business and make money, but you’ll need to follow the Indian constitution,” said Mr Prasad.

The government told off Twitter on Wednesday for not complying with its order to require down accounts that it alleges are spreading misinformation about the farmers’ protests new agricultural laws. Twitter said during a public blog post that it had not fully complied with the government’s order because it believed several the blocking orders were not Last year, the govt had told the Supreme Court that there was a requirement to manage digital media. While print and electronic media “rarely crossed the line” thanks to the very nature of their composition, digital media is “completely uncontrolled” and “remains unregulated”, the govt had told the Supreme Court.

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