National NGO reviews

Be the change you wish to see in the society of India with National NGO

There are various NGOs in India which are dedicated to helping different sections of the society. National NGO is one of the best NGO in Delhi that believes and aims at bringing a positive change in society. Established in the year 2012, National Organisation for Social Empowerment (NOSE) works for social integration of the differently-abled and underprivileged section of the society.

Projects Undertaken By National NGO

Different Projects undertaken at National NGO are identified to fulfill certain task towards society. Facilitating communication, supporting innovation, demonstration of pilot projects for facilitating education, research, and providing technical assistance and training has been primary goals.


National NGO aims to facilitate basic healthcare, education to every section of the society in India. The needy section is ensured with food security. It aims at empowering the differently and disabled section by assisting them to become capable of employment thus making them independent, confident, smart, and assertive.


The team at National NGO consists of regular and visiting staffs. The National Rehab center at Tughlakabad aims to introduce motivation, happiness, and change to the differently abled children from the vicinity. It offers free services and treatments such as Neuro-Development Treatment (NDT) to needy children. Over 60 children have been treated so far. The team of doctor consists of therapists, special educators, psychologists, educationists, and social workers. The team aims at bringing a bright change in the future of the young minds and help them become independent in their future. Along with the government, National NGO works for the improvement of the child’s mental and health care.


National NGO Review has been always positive due to its team’s continual hardworking efforts towards society. The NGO activities towards education, hunger, social and human welfare had promoted social and political change on a broader scale thus promoting National NGOs Reviews on a wider side.

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