Arthritis after pregnancy

Causes and Remedies for Arthritis after pregnancy


Many women after the delivery face joint pain or arthritis issue, which is quite common to find. In fact, many even start facing the same during the pregnancy period which can go for the long term if not treated at the right time.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is basically a term which described joints pain. It is referred to 100 or more rheumatic conditions causing pain in bone. Dr. Garima Tyagi, leading gynecologist in Indirapuram says the pain and stiffness in more than one joint are the common symptoms of arthritis. It can develop and progress as the months of pregnancy increases and the weight of the pregnant lady increases. In general, arthritis can happen to any person, adults, and children. There are different types of arthritis the person can face-

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus

Causes of Arthritis after Pregnancy-

There are many reasons that cause arthritis after pregnancy. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Women, who are facing arthritis issue before the pregnancy, may not face the pain during pregnancy because of hormonal changes and immune system switches off. However, after the pregnancy, the pain can flare up.
  • After pregnancy the immune system turns hyperactive, increasing the risk of autoimmune disease. This hyperactive immune system starts attacking things that aren’t harmful. The process also triggers an allergy in the body causing inflammation.
  • Certain pregnant ladies are susceptible to joint pain post pregnancy further flaring up the issue.
  • Hormones that get secreted during pregnancy and delivery are important for the safety of both mother and baby. These hormones further cause body ligaments and after the pregnancy, these ligaments require tome to come back to the original position.

Remedies to overcome arthritis after pregnancy-

As mentioned above, arthritis can happen at any age, and after pregnancy is quite common. Post-pregnancy ladies need to more careful as their body is recovering from the delivery situation. Some of the remedies to overcome are-

Consulting with the gynecologist-

Dr. Garima Tyagi advises to those women who already had arthritis during the pre-pregnancy period should consult with the doctor. She receives many such cases where she formulates some action plan to manage postpartum arthritis effectively. During such period seeking medication is very important that can help to overcome the problem slowly.

Working on Diet-

The doctor would provide a list of food that triggers arthritis or joint pain. Moreover, the doctor will also minimize the medication after delivery that affects the pain. So once the medication is withdrawn there will be a positive effect on your body and joints. The doctor would recommend eating more fruits and vegetables. Moreover, eliminating meat products such as beef and pork and grains like wheat will provide relief.

Managing the Weight-

Post-pregnancy, women usually face weight gain and if you already have increased weight, then this can be a major issue later. Work on your weight loss that will help in bringing down the effect on joints.

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