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Safe Pregnancy

5 most Important Tips to consider for Safe Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important part of life for women. This is the period where she needs to take care of herself in all sense. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the...

Different Types of Psychotherapy treatment done by Psychiatrist

When a person faces mental issues, the doctor would recommend different treatments that help in bringing out the fear, anxiety and other issues. One such treatment...

Mental Health

Learn the Importance of Mental Health and How to be Stress Free

Half a million of people in the world are facing mental stress issues. Mental disorder or imbalance is the common health issues reported. If the problem isn’t...

Diet foods

Top 5 Diet Foods that can help in maintaining your Weight

Maintaining the weight is the most exhausting situation every individual goes through. We try hard to keep our diet sorted so that our weight neither loses nor gains....


Best activities to do during menopause | Dr. Garima Tyagi

Best activities to do during menopause – Dr. Garima Tyagi Menopause is a phase that every woman has to pass through. Every women experiences menopause...