Bangladesh Lockdown

Bangladesh orders all factories to shut for 2 weeks from July 23

As an update on the continued nationwide lockdown in Bangladesh, the government announced that restrictions are going to be eased from the midnight on July 14th to six am on July 23rd, 2021. During this era , the general public are going to be allowed to travel and celebrate the upcoming Islamic holiday Eid-ul-Azha, in consideration of the socio-economic condition of the country.

After the long holiday ends, the previous restrictions will, however, be re-imposed on July 23rd and stay effective for 2 weeks until August 5th. During this era , while ports and warehouses may continue operations, the govt has ordered all types of factories across the country to stay closed. Currently, factories can continue production as long as they will provide transportation for his or her workers. Under the new rules effective from July 23rd, export-oriented factories, including apparel manufacturers, must also stay shut.

Our local teams have checked with key suppliers and confirmed that there’s no impact to factory load shipments at the instant . Vendors are conscious of the closure order but haven’t yet received any instruction from the manufacturer management or the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

We have summarized the availability chain impacts in Bangladesh from the recent Century News Updates as follows:

• Century Offices: Our offices in Chittagong and Dhaka are open until July 19th with skeleton staff and therefore the remainder performing from home as a precaution. Our offices are going to be closed from July 20th to 24th for local holidays Eid-ul-Azha and therefore the weekend. Our offices have tentative plans to re-open on July 25th, subject to things and further notice from local authorities.

• Century Warehouses: While our warehouses are open and accepting cargo as was common , operations in our Chittagong CFS could also be slightly impacted thanks to labor shortage and trucks waiting to unload goods outside the CFS.

• Ports: Maritime ports, airports, land ports and related offices are exempt from the lockdown rules and can operate as was common . However, thanks to the limited carrier capacity and ongoing congestion at major Asian transshipment ports, container depots in Chittagong have reached capacity.

• Carriers: Some carrier staff are working remotely and with limited manpower. Booking acceptance approximately release isn’t impacted, while BL release/surrender could also be delayed.

• Customs: Customs clearance procedures could also be delayed thanks to limited manpower.

• Trucking: Cargo movement is exempt from the lockdown restrictions.

• Air Cargo: There has been no impact to air cargo or international flights at the instant .

• Banks: The Bangladesh Bank has issued separate directives to make sure banking services during the lockdown period.

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