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Confused about what to wear to your best friend’s engagement and wedding? We don’t blame you. It’s legit to be confused when there is a barrage of inspiration floating on your Pinterest /Instagram feed and you don’t know where to look for them. And well, we have a solution too. THE ASHA GAUTAM STORE. Trendiest Designer lehenga and sarees for all occasions and price points available under a single roof. Asha Gautam is one of the best stores in Delhi, showcasing a rich and versatile collection of Ethnic Designer wear. Be it an engagement, a wedding, a veneration or a festival, Asha Gautam has something to offer. If you are someone who is looking for exclusive and budget-friendly masterpieces then we highly recommend Asha Gautam for you.

If you are not already convinced that this store is the perfect match for you, here are few of it’s unique offerings to help you decide –

Printed Lehengas for lighter occasions like engagement. These Lehengas come in a broad spectrum of colors including pastels, brights, Classics, etc . You’ll have a plethora of modern, traditional, geometric and floral prints to select from. These beautiful pieces of art come with complementing blouses. Blouses too come in a wide variety. The carefully coordinated handcrafted sets are a visual treat to look at.

Embroidered lehengas– Lehengas with varying degrees and kinds of embroideries are available for various occasions. Crewelwork to Zardozi, Full length to just borders, floral booti to chevron patterns – You’ll surely find what you are looking for. What sets Asha Gautam apart is the fact that it offers an unparalleled variety in base fabrics for all kinds of embroideries.

A very niche and unconventional segment of lehengas are the Patchwork Lehengas. These tastefully designed patchwork lehengas are not something you’d find easily in the market. Crafting a patchwork attire for an upmarket clientele can be a tricky task and Asha Gautam Store has arguably mastered this craft. The patchwork pieces at Asha Gautam are eclectic yet in perfect harmony to be as aesthetically appealing as it gets. Even in a segment so niche, Asha Gautam does an impressive job in offering variety.

Still in two minds about visiting the store? Maybe this helps-

Asha Gautam lays premium on quality, designs, and craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with the highest standards of quality and skills under the supervision of experienced designers. The fabrics used are tested on various parameters like strength, colorfastness, fade resistance, Shrinkage, etc . To ensure the best quality, many of the fabrics are specifically commissioned by the Label for various designs. Designs undergo multiple rounds of scrutiny to ensure that only the best go into production. All of this might go in vain if the fit is not right and hence the extra emphasis is laid on providing the exact fit for your body. The amount of thought, effort, and skills that go in raising a single piece reflects quite well on the final result. Every piece in the store is gorgeous and speaks for itself.

The label measures it’s success with the satisfaction of it’s clients and takes pride in the fact that clients repeatedly come back to Asha Gautam. Their customers vouch for the quality, designs, elegance, variety, fit and service they provide.

To sum it all up; for a wide array of colors and designs at the most affordable prices within a stipulated time, do visit The Asha Gautam store.

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