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8 Reasons why Designer Lehenga is your Best Friend

8 Reasons why Designer Lehenga is your Best Friend

If you are in a hunt of designer lehenga in Delhi, you will find that there are number of options offered by designers. This also shows the increasing demand for designer lehenga during weddings and festivals. In fact, many bride or even women attending the wedding or special event prefer wearing lehenga over saree. They look ethnic and come with various embroidery designs. As the trends are changing, the popularity is considerably increasing giving enough reasons invest on it for specific occasion. Be it the festival, home traditional party event or wedding, designer lehengas continue to be the winner.

We now bring you the reason why designer lehengas are getting much in demand and should be in your buying list:

  1. Casual and Fun Element-

Designer lehengas are made on the lines of current trend. Swirly lehengas carry lot of fun and appeals to the crowd. When they are complimented with right jewellery and accessories, the entire outfit creates an eye-catchy look. You can pick floral prints, tassels and one with vibrant colors. The transformation that brings in your look is worth watching.

  1. Gives Youthful Vibe-

This completely girly looking designer work gives a youthful vibes. Although saree gives a glamour look and makes you appear elegant in all sense, but designer lehengas make you look vibrant and younger no matter what your age is. So if you are above 50, but still want to make yourself look young, then look for the best designer lehenga in Delhi sold by the best dealers.

  1. Stylish and Sensuous-

Although nothing can be compared with designer sarees, but designer lehengas are way ahead. Fashion designers are bringing something new in every new creation, so they keep staying the top options for function. The dramatic effect of design and the quality of fabric gives lehengas a rich taste. Moreover, with the aesthetics of the bodices gives lehengas a luxury look.

  1. Compatible with different body Types-

One of the best reasons why designer lehengas are the best friends is because they are compatible with every body type. Whether you have a slim body or plump, lehengas can work best to the type of body you carry. From bare to cinched mid-riff, the slim and length appeals to the overall body of the wearer.

  1. Perfect Fusion Dress-

With times and trends changing, the skirt like silhouette of lehenga gives a perfect reason to wear. You can ask the designer to play with the bodices and blouses that perfectly matches the overall look of the lehenga. There is no doubt that designer lehengas can be a great fusion dress.

  1. Easy to Dress up and Dress it down-

The best part of designer lehengas is its feature of easy to dress up and dress down. Whether you are wearing for the Navratri festival or wedding occasion, you can easily dress up, especially if it is light in weight. You can pair a modish cold shoulder blouson and check how the plain lehenga will grab eyeballs during special events.

  1. Gives option to Glamourize

If you have a designer lehenga, then you add glamour to it. You can play with the blouse and add pocho along with duppatta. You can even show off your torso or back to make yourself look glamorous. But make sure the entire outfit isn’t too revealing. Designer lehengas give several options to glamourize to grab the eyeballs in the event.

  1. Best for every occasion-

As mentioned above, designer lehengas are best fitted for cultural event or wedding. They are designed to fit for all events making it the most preferred choice. In fact, many models posing for ethnic theme choose lehengas along with elegant duppatta that brings out the best in them. Add some glamour through make-up and jewellery that will give the best output.


When you are shopping for designer lehengas in Delhi, check out the brand or dealer whom you are dealing with. Check out with Asha Gautam who offer range of latest trend in Mehandi lehengas in Delhi and other outfits that would create emphasize in your look. A good research about the product will help to buy from the right designer and at the right price.

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