Fashion Design industry

4 Hidden Truth about Fashion Design Industry

4 Hidden Truth about Fashion Design Industry

4 Hidden Truth about Fashion Design Industry

Fashion industry is well known for its famous designers and models. We all love the glamorous world of fashion with its bright lights, elegance and style and gorgeous models sashaying down catwalks.

Apart from the unbelievably thin models and expensive clothes boutiques there is a lot going on behind scenes in the fashion world- one need to keep a track and can let all the things moving. This would surely help all to understand things well.

There are secrets the fashion world would rather that you did not know –

Size changes – Have you ever thought to yourself why you seem to be different size every year. Usually people assume they added a few pounds because they are a year older.

But have you thought it could be the dresses that have changed or rather the size of the dresses. There may be some stores where you are a 2X and at others 3X! Manufacturers do not follow universal size guides.

What is 2X in USA is through of as a 4X in China where the dresses are made. That is why you must always try on a dress before you buy it. Because a certain size fit you last year is no guarantee that it will fit you this year. Every brand uses own size guide and labels accordingly.

Fashion industry wants you to change style every year – The rate of churn of style has changed in last decade. At one time there was Spring Collection (for clothes to be sold in autumn) and Autumn Collection (for clothes to be sold in spring).

Now there are new style changes through the year because of rise of celeb culture and social media. There are several micro-seasons through the year designed to make you feel out of fashion and buy new clothes.

The above mentioned points can well be justified as the only point for the positive nature of fashion with its secrets.

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