Banarasi Lehenga

10 Small but Important Things to Observe In Banarasi Lehenga

10 Small but Important Things to Observe In Banarasi Lehenga

Banarasi lehengas are popular in the fashion world because of its intricate weaving. It came since the Mughal era when Muslim craftsman and artisans chose Banaras as the place that blended well with their culture and they started weaving Banarasi silk sarees and legengas. Banarasi silk was originated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Banarasi silk is very popular across the world.

In regards to the purity of the silk fabric in India, Banarasi silk has been a benchmark. At the same time, with the introduction of cheap Chinese silk or faux silk sarees with similar designs has led to cheaper prices and providing duplicate Banarasi silk lehengas to the customers. Many people looking for a genuine Banarasi lehenga end up with cheap imitations. But if you want to purchase a pure Banarasi silk lehenga for you, you need to be careful while selecting the one. Here we mention some important things that you must observe in Banarasi lehenga.

  1. If the seller is offering you a pure Banarasi lehenga at a low price there is a chance that the quality is low too. Always remember that high-quality and pure Banarasi silk lehenga never come at a cheap rate.
  2. Pure silk is expensive as a raw material, that’s why you will never get a pure silk Banarasi lehenga at a low cost. Banarasi lehenga or sarees are hand woven and thus they are expensive.
  3. You can check the reverse side of the lehenga and see if there are floats within the weft and the weave grids.
  4. Only hand woven lehenga show the floats within the weft and the weave grids. A machine woven lehenga will not have it and that’s how you can check the purity of Banarasi silk.
  5. All traditional Banarasi lehengas have Mughal patterns in brocade or silk threads. These motifs are amru, domak and ambi. The fake lehenga will never have the Persian designs on it.
  6. You can do a touch test. This is a quick spot test that you can do while purchasing Banarasi silk lehenga. To do this, rub the silk with your hands and if you feel the warmth on rubbing it then it is real.
  7. If you are not buying a heavy lehenga then you can perform a ring test. The Genuine silk can be easily threaded and pulled through a ring because silk is naturally flexible and smooth.
  8. Silk is exceptionally known for its luster. So, you can examine the luster of the Banarasi lehenga. The luster is usually seen because of the combination of threads that gives a particular sheen to the silk.
  9. When you purchase a Banarasi lehenga you should look at the weave. There are minor deviations in the evenness of the texture. These variations are quite noticeable and natural; you can find it in the pure silk product. Machine woven silk looks perfect and they do not have these kinds of imperfections.
  10. Last but not the least you can ask the seller for the Silk Mart Certificate of Authorized use.

Following these points you can now easily observe small things while shopping for Banarasi Lehenga in Delhi. If you are looking for a reputed dealer for top quality lehenga, then Asha Gautam is the right one to go. Been into this industry since many years, Asha Gautam has understand the taste of buyers and their need.

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